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Genesis Mining review - We tested this Cloud-Mining-Provider!

Genesis Mining review

Genesis Mining reviewIn this Genesis Mining review we describe our Genesis Mining experiences. The company, founded in 2013, has long been one of the major suppliers in the field of cloud mining. Our Genesis Mining experiences are really good. The provider is highly reputable and recommended, not just for bitcoin cloud mining. Genesis Mining has been on the market since 2013 as a provider of cloud mining. Earn 3% discount with the Genesis Mining Promo-Code MWuk5v.


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Genesis Mining review – How Does Genesis Mining Work?

This blog post is about the topic of cloud mining via Genesis Mining. Basically, there is a certain degree of skepticism among cloud-mining providers, as many have unprofessional business practices and do not have their own data centers. Genesis Mining is a professional provider that runs the right cloud data centers in Iceland. Iceland has been chosen as the location to cut costs as the average cooler climate means less computer cooling. In addition, Genesis Mining is a vendor with a good reputation and is recommended by many miners.

How do I register with Genesis Mining?

The first step is to have a working user account. If this is not the case so far, a simple registration can be made. For this, the personal user data must be specified. Only an e-mail address and a password are requested. Subsequently, we will initiate the sending of a registration email to the deposited address. The contained link must be confirmed in order to then have full access to the account. When assigning the password, it is important to pay attention to the security, because the account is operated by mining and the tossed tokens are sent daily to the deposited e-mail. In addition, the private and frequently used e-mail should be used to be informed about possible changes to the account.

To log in the next, just press the login button and enter the stored data. After logging in, the dashboard is displayed. The dashboard shows the available computing capacities for the various crypto currencies. Supported are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash (X11), Ether, Zcash and Monero. Furthermore, on the left side the menu items “Assign Mining”, “Payments”, “Bonus Payments”, “My Account”, “Orders” and “Buy Hashpower” can be selected. In the next step of this Genesis Mining manual you go to the menu item “Buy Hashpower”, otherwise there is no computing power available for the mining. Sliders are now available for the various crypto currencies. In the case of bitcoin in particular, the special feature is that the purchased computing capacities do not expire.

By moving the slider, the computing power can be adjusted. The limit fluctuates between the cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin has a maximum investment of $ 26,000, the maximum for Ethereum is around $ 14,000. After selecting the required computing power, the used payment method must be selected on the right side. Payment methods include credit cards, Bitcoin, Dash, Lightcoin and Dodgecoin. When paying by credit card, care must also be taken to ensure that the first payment is made after 30 + 2 days. This regulation has been made to ensure that users pay the outstanding invoices. Only after this deadline will the paid tokens be distributed.

Now, the “Next” button on the right can be used to move on to the next step. If you acquire computing power for bitcoin mining, it will be available for as long as bitcoin mining is still profitable. However, there is a small fee for this, which is used for the administration and maintenance of the data centers. For the other cryptocurrencies, the computing capacity is generally purchased for two years. There is no additional charge for these contracts. The special feature of Genesis Mining is that you can use an action code to get a discount on the transaction. With our code (Please enter code) you will receive a discount of 3% on your transaction.

In addition, you can use this code as often as you like and thus profit permanently from this discount. Now the contract conditions and the order have to be confirmed. Then the transaction must be executed. The further process depends on the chosen payment method, whereby the payment must be completed within 30 minutes, otherwise it will be invalidated.

After completing the payment, it usually takes about 30 minutes for the order to be executed and for the ordered capacities to be available. Under the menu item “My orders” the executed order can be viewed and an invoice can be downloaded. Now go to the “Mining Assignment” tab and select the computing capacity you purchased in the previous step. After selecting, the button “Save assignment” must be clicked to save the selection made. In the illustrated circles, the selected computing capacity can now be distributed.

For example, if you have purchased computing power for Ethereum, click in the middle of the circle under the abbreviation “ETH” and write in the desired percentage of computing power. Now the assignment is saved again by pressing the corresponding button again. The top of the window indicates that the selection has been saved. Mining will start automatically and the cryptocurrency payments will be made on a daily basis. However, appropriate wallets must be deposited for the payouts of the mining. In the menu item “Dashboard” the yield diagram can also be displayed by scrolling down. The income chart represents the returns over time.

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Use Genesis Mining Promo-Code MWuk5v and save money

What we absolutely must mention in our Genesis Mining review is that you should definitely use promo codes. There are regular promotions in which customers automatically receive upgrades or promotional codes. Through this you either get more computing power (hash power) or a discount on cloud mining contracts.

With the promo code, the advertiser gets credited a part, you yourself benefits from a 3% discount on the order. Of course we would be happy if you would use our promo code as a thank you for our review of Genesis Mining. Thank you! Feel free to use our code to get a 3% bonus on your order.

We’ve taken into account all of the evaluation criteria in our Cloud Mining provider test, and hope we can help with that decision. Gladly you can also write your experiences with Genesis Mining in the comments. Genesis Mining is one of the long-established mining providers. Of course we are also here with a test report and check the quality of the services offered. Since Genesis Mining is not a classic network marketing company, the results of purchased packages are already much better than those of BitclubNetwork, for example. So and now let`s start with our Genesis Mining review in more detail.

Which cryptocurrencies can I mine at Genesis?

Not only the price in the field of cloud mining, but also the offer is important to us. Especially here is a special strength of Genesis Mining.

Currently available cloud mining contracts at Genesis Mining:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monero

The ability to choose between a total of six crypto currencies is really good. Genesis Mining is way ahead of its competitors in this area. Whether contracts for Bitcoin Cash will be offered soon is still uncertain.

The cloud mining contracts

Of course we are also interested in the offer of cloud mining contracts at Genesis. The prices can of course vary greatly seasonally. Therefore, of course, after our test, the price may have changed again. The prices seem very lucrative at first glance. Especially interesting is the addition that the contracts are closed for life. With a favorable starting position, this can be a decisive advantage. Genesis also promises, “They buy hash power that they keep for life. As simple as that.”

The prices for Hashpower differ according to the respective cryptocurrency to be mined. Before deciding on a cloud mining contract, you should thoroughly research which cryptocurrency is currently the best investment. This can be a deciding factor depending on hashing power and difficulty.

Genesis Mining Review: Bonus & Promotions

There are regular promotions in which customers automatically receive upgrades or promotional codes. Through this you either get more computing power (hash power) or a discount on cloud mining contracts.

With the promo code “MWuk5v” the advertiser gets credited a part, you yourself benefits from a 3% discount on the order. Of course we would be happy if you would use our promo code as a thank you for our review of Genesis Mining. Thank you! Feel free to use our code to get a 3% bonus on your order.

Genesis Mining Review – Our experiences in the last years

In this article we report our experience with the cloud mining provider Genesis Mining. Our test area resp. Experience period refers to July 2017. Of course we continue to report on the results of this mining supplier. There are reports from the year 2015 and beginning of 2016 which rate the provider negative. Of course, many of these reviews are also due to the then lower Bitcoin exchange rate. Of course we provide our Genesis Mining experience with screenshots and on demand with more information.

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After our long Genesis Mining review it`s time for a official advertising video of Genesis.

Genesis Mining review
8.8 Total Score
Genesis Mining review

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