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Hashflare review - Cloud mining provider test

Hashflare review

Hashflare reviewHashflare is now also one of the big cloud mining providers on the market and has been around for several years – making it much more trustworthy than at first sight. Because the site looks like it was created 10 years ago and never updated afterwards. But we want to make our own impression and test Hashflare.io.

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1. Hashflare Review: The Registration

If you come to the login page of Hashflare.io the first impression is unfortunately not the best. The site looks old and neglected – once a bad sign for an innovative cloud mining provider. Of course that does not scare us off and we create an account with Hashflare.io. This works fine and in a few minutes a new account has been created in Hashflare.

Also, the backend of Hashflare does not really look more modern than the login page and the language setting “German” contains many translation errors. Hopefully, Hashflare put its money into excellent mining hardware instead of a designer and translator.

2. Hashflare Review: Safety is important

The first click is always in the security settings. In addition to the default password which should have at least 32 characters, Hashflare also offers 2-factor authentication. After activating the 2-factor authentication, not only the e-mail address and password combination is requested with every login, but also a token, which is generated on the smartphone. This token is renewed every minute, making it almost impossible for hackers to crack the token. Thus, the security of the account is significantly increased.

All that is needed is a smartphone and the free app “Google Authenticator”. Attention: When setting up 2-step verification, be sure to back up the 2FA code (which is next to the QR code). We recommend to backup this offline – preferably on a piece of paper. With this code, the 2FA can be added to the Google Authenticator even after a loss of mobile phone or when rebuilding.

In addition, you can also enter your own Wallets “Wallets” (Bitcoin / Ethereum / Dash / ZEC Wallet) in the settings. Another security factor is that once a wallet address has been changed, the payout is blocked for 2 weeks. This makes it difficult for hackers to immediately withdraw the scrapped coins into their accounts.

3. Hashflare Review: Buying hashpower at Hashflare

Hashpower at Hasflare.io is intuitive and easy to design, even if you have to click through some forms. In the first step the desired algorithm is chosen:

  • SHA-256 or Scrypt for Bitcoin Mining
  • ETHASH for Ethereum
  • X11 for Dash

A slider can be used to select the desired hash performance or investment. It is important to pay close attention to the exact conditions of the contracts. Because every contract has different conditions here. For example, while the Ethereum Miners have no maintenance fee, the Bitcoin SHA-256 Mining Maintenance Fee is currently $ 0.0035 per 10 GH / s for 24 hours of operation. For this, the computing power at ETH-Mining is leased for exactly one year, whereas the Bitcoin contracts represent a contract with unlimited duration.

But here is the small print to read: Because unlimited running time means that the miners work only in the profitable area. If the maintenance fee is no longer covered by the operation of the mining machines, they are automatically disconnected from Hashflare due to unprofitability. This is a common practice for most cloud mining providers – but must be included in a return on investment bill.

4. Hashflare Review: Payout

The payout on Hashflare worked flawlessly and extremely fast. Within a minute, the Ethereum was transferred to the Coinbase web wallet. This is a big factor of seriousness, because with other providers the payment sometimes takes several days and is held back by restrictions such as a maximum payout amount or horrendous network fees. With HashFlare your own coins can be paid out immediately and easily.

5. Hashflare Review: Our conclusion

Prices and service at Hashflare are very good. In our Hashflare review, the cloud mining company was able to convince with fast payouts and high yields. We really recommend Hashflare as a provider of cloud mining to anyone. The company is safe and reputable.

If you decide for Hashflare cloud mining now, it would be great if you use our link for registration. Thank you very much for that!

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6. Hashflare FAQ

Can i trust Hashflare?

Yes. In our review, we found the service to be very trustworthy. Compared with other cloud mining providers, we find that Hashflare is definitely one of the reputable companies.

Are there any hashflare promotions?

Yes, there are now and then offers. For example, this year there was a Halloween promotion. You can then save up to 10% on all cloud mining contracts with a promo code. Here you can always find the latest hashflare promo codes.

Which other vendor besides Hashflare can you recommend?

Above all, we can also recommend Genesis Mining. We have also published a Genesis Mining review here. You can also find other Providers in our Bitcoin Cloud Mining Comparison.

Hashflare review
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Hashflare review

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